Why has custom chiropractic equipment created a buzz in the chiropractic field? Let’s find out.

Life is a blessing. Having a fit body in life is a bonus.


But how often do we cherish this fact? Not nearly as often as we should. There are many who do not get the chance to cherish their healthy body as they suffer and writhe in pain due to illnesses and deformities. The ailments of the back and spine are especially tormenting.


We believe that life should be cherished to the fullest and have made it our undertaking to let all people have the chance to cherish their lives as well. And so, to fulfill our undertaking, we work relentlessly at the spinal correction centers to heal as many spines as possible. We also offer premium quality chiropractic equipment so that chiropractors may get a helping hand in their quest to correct spines. All of our spinal correction centers use only state of the art equipment provided by custom chiropractic equipment. This includes turbo drop tables, cervical extension traction tables, posture enhancers, pelvic wedges for chiropractic tables, bilateral weight scales, weightless traction systems, and degeneration posters for training, among others.


Our founder’s vision is to heal spines and save lives from the very beginning, leading him to develop the first 3D Drop Table in the Chiropractic profession; the Turbo Drop Table.


Also, the PSC (Precision Spinal Correction) technique has been developed and taught worldwide to chiropractors by our founder. In the PSC technique, Advanced Posture Analysis and Accurate X-rays are used to set the spinal correction treatment plan for patients.


Then cervical extension traction protocol, as well as reverse posture exercises, are combined with specific adjustments in order for predictable spinal corrective results to be obtained.
We encourage the chiropractors of the world to learn the PSC technique. In order to put our spirit of encouragement into action, we provide a customization option on our equipment to build quality equipment to fit each and every chiropractors needs. Chiropractors can get their equipment perfected according to their specifications. Going a step further, custom chiropractic equipment offers all its equipment, whether it be turbo drop tables, posture enhancers, bilateral weight scales, or degeneration posters for training, at competitive prices with volume discounts.


We have also created chiro cookies-fortune cookies with a bit of chiropractic wisdom in each one of them, perfect for spreading awareness about chiropractic and how the body heals.


As the chiropractic field grows, we grow with it and promise to be perpetually committed to technical excellence.

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