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Dr. Mike Henriksen’s

Dr. Mike Henriksen’s passion to correct spines and save lives as a Chiropractor started at Palmer -West in 1983.
He took his technical adjusting skills and philosophy to new heights after completing a certification program in Chiropractic Biophysics. In doing so he developed the first 3D Drop Table in the Chiropractic profession…
The Turbo Drop Table.

Turbo Drop Tables are still being used today to enhance predictable spinal corrections in offices all over the world including the Spinal Correction Center. Seeing the need for the Chiropractic profession to correct spines and save lives in higher volume, he developed the Precision Spinal Correction Technique and teaches PSC Seminars to Chiropractors Worldwide.
PSC uses Advanced Posture Analysis and Accurate X-rays to determine how each and every patient will be adjusted. Cervical Extension Traction Protocol as well as “Reverse Posture Exercises” are combined with Specific Adjustments in order for Predictable Spinal Corrective Results to be obtained.

Dr. Mike owns and operates the Spinal Correction Center in Phoenix, Arizona. He is President and CEO of Custom Chiropractic Equipment, Chiro Cookies and PSC Seminars.

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