Learn our Precision spinal correction technique and get our Upholstered accessories for our DropTables to create a win-win situation for you and your patients.

The good health of our spines is directly proportional to our good health. A healthy spine is vital for our day-to-day health and activities. Taking care of your spine is priceless.


Chiropractic is an alternate form of healthcare that utilizes specific spinal adjustments to remove pressure off your spinal nerves to promote overall good health.


Custom chiropractic equipment’ offers state-of-the-art Chiropractic products like drop tables, posture enhancers, pelvic wedges, Upholstered accessories for Tables, cervical traction tables, bilateral weight scales, dutchman roll, and so on. The founder of our organization is a Chiropractic practitioner and the founder of the Precision spinal correction technique.


It is our vision to make Chiropractic adjustments available to more and more people. Therefore we not only offer high-quality chiropractic tools and equipment but also offer products that spread awareness about Chiropractic as an effective form of alternative healthcare. These products are; Chiropractic fortune cookies-each with a piece of wisdom about Chiropractic and its benefits; and Training DVDs. Moreover, our founder also hosts regular PSC seminars to educate and discuss methodologies like the Precision spinal correction technique and other methods of Chiropractic practice.


The ideas and techniques of the chiropractic field are continuously developing and changing; new methods replace the old ones every day. We understand this call of the hour and hence only offer the latest in scientific data to compliment our custom equipment.


Further, to facilitate our clients, we even go the extra mile and make customizations in equipment to the T according to the specifications provided by our clients.


It is no secret that the usage of proper equipment in this field is everything. Whether an adjustment is successful or falls short can be a direct correlation to the adjusting tools you are using. Tools and equipment like Upholstered accessories for Tables, bilateral weight scales, dutchman roll, and so on amplify the effects of the adjustments.


For many patients, Chiropractic is the answer to their pain and suffering and overall health. This form of alternative healthcare is helping patients with numerous heath conditions without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. With the right tools, chiropractors can provide not only quick but also lasting relief and unlimited health benefits to their patients.

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